Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th Wedding Weekend

I had a few days to transition from old job to new, so I decided to spend a few days at home in western PA while my sister was in town for Jennie's wedding.  In addition to spending a few late nights together, my family also managed to get out for a family golf day.  I've got a lot of improvement to do on my game but this was really fun - even in the rain! 
Luckily the rain stopped in time for the fireworks show Friday night.  Ever since the Tara cancelled the annual fireworks show there's been NO fireworks for Independence weekend, until my mom stepped in and lead an effort for the past three years to organize a fireworks show from Hermitage Middle School.  This year there was a DJ instead of a band, which (despite initial hesitations and doubts) worked out fantastically.  He played all the traditional dance/wedding songs, but instead of a bunch of adults he brought all the kids out - it was so cute!  I even went out for the Cha Cha slide, albeit reluctantly :)  Check out a few pictures from the party.   
Saturday was a perfect day for Jennie and Andrew's wedding.  Sunshine, low humidity, beautiful setting... it was wonderful.  We danced, I got to see a lot of people I haven't spent much time with lately, and everyone had a great time.  Check out the pictures from golf, the fireworks, and the wedding.  

I think I've been out of town more than 50% of the weekends these past four months so I think it's time to slow it down.  I'm looking forward to spending this weekend here in the city, just cleaning and catching up and relaxing sounds wonderful at this point!  

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